On Writing

(With apologies to Mr. King for the blatant title theft…)

This a collection of my various thoughts and musing on the writer’s craft, on what I need to do to stay writing, on what others can do to help their stories, and other such miscellany.  As usual, older posts are at the bottom.

Trope-Tastic Thursday #002: Never Was This Universe

Trope-Tastic Thursday #001: Vocal Dissonance

Turn-a-Trope Tuesday Challenge #8: Verbal Name Tic

Turn-a-Trope Tuesday Challenge #7: Good People Have Good Sex

Turn-a-Trope Tuesday Challenge #6: Make A Wish

Turn-a-Trope Tuesday Challenge #5: Opposites Attract Revenge

A Quick Character Study

Turn-a-Trope Tuesday Challenge #4: A Man is Not a Virgin

Turn-a-Trope Tuesday Challenge #3: Resigned to the Call

Turn-a-Trope Tuesday Challenge #2: Unwanted Revival

Turn-a-trope Tuesday Challenge #1: Born Detective

Kick Fear in the Sack…

About Critiques, Part Two

About Critiques, Part One


Missing a Day

Logical Consistency

350 Words

My Poetry

Stop Daydreaming and Write

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