Flash Fiction

Here you will find links to all my flash fiction attempts (or at least, those that end up on the blog!) Older stuff is at the bottom, newer stuff, added to the top as it is completed.

Jacob’s Ladder: Song Lyric Story Saturday: Lost in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, out of water, and haunted by a man who isn’t there…

Wayward Son: FFC52 Week 33: A very brief trip into a very deep universe…

The Wake of Pappy O’Bannon: Trope-Tastic Thursday #001: Beware the voice of a man named Ugh…

To Boldly Go: FFC52 Week 32: Interviewing for the strangest job ever…

Super Sexy: Turn-a-trope #7: Super heroines are super gossipy…

Babies from Candy: FFC52 Week 30: A guy on the edge makes a horrible, haunting decision.

Be Careful What You Wish For: Turn-a-trope #6: A real life Walter Mitty makes a careless wish…

Easy as a Spring Dress: Meet Pinky Black; a hard, low man with a lamentable streak of heroism.

Strangers: FFC52 Week 29: Six words, sad story, too true.

Revenge Served Sweet : Turn-a-trope #5: Opposites Attract Revenge. Band geeks, football stars, and revenge.

The Witness: FFC52 Week 28: An inanimate object granted sentience. Sometimes it feels like somebody’s watching you.

The Pen is Mightier: FFC52 Week 27: A journalist writing a story about living on death row begins to fall for one of the inmates she’s interviewing.

Bad Parents: Chuck Wendig Challenge: a tale of bad parents. Trigger warning, abuse and suicide.

The Measure of a Man: Turn-a-trope #4: A Man is not a Virgin. Tough heroes don’t always get all the sex.

A Subtle Streak of Red: FFC52 Week 26: Do you notice anything different about me? A peek back at the universe of “A Little Bit of Magic.”

Paying Off the Debt: Inspired by a story by Kate Loveton, this is another tale in the Pinky Black library, about shit landlords and scary mob bosses.

What the Heart Seeks: Chuck Wendig Challenge: a Noir Dystopian tale of love, psychics, and facist powers that be.

Duke Lazell’s Missing Finger: A challenge where I was given a title and a first sentence, and an hour to write a story. Humorous Fantasy.

To Heed the Call: Turn-a-trope #3: Resigned to the Call. Be careful what you wish for when begging a retired hero.

The Verdict: FFC52 Week 25: Your protagonist is on a jury about to read a verdict. When Jimmy the Gent asks Pinky Black to do a favor, he wasn’t expecting this.

Rum Punch: Chuck Wendig Challenge: A story named after a drink. Pinky Black’s first outing on my blog.

Hell Hath No Fury…: Turn-a-trope #2: Unwanted Revival. Not the kind of unwanted revival you’re used to.

Big Trouble: FFC52 Week 24: I’d seen some big ones in my time, but this one…..this one was huge. You have no idea how hard this one was to keep clean.

A Little Bit of Magic…: Not written for any challenge, this was just a quick piece I felt inspired to write. Urban fantasy with a hint of sexy.

Rider from the Storm: Chuck Wendig Challenge: A continuation of the story from Starship Rider, following Li Drevin, warpbike rider.

Answered Prayers: FFC52 Week 23: The first men/women to set foot on Mars return to their ship only to find a large, strange insect on the door of the ship. Whose prayers will be answered?

Starship Rider: Chuck Wendig Challenge: Random words collide to make a title – and this actually turned out pretty fun. Li Drevin’s first tale.

When is a Door not a Door?: FFC52 Week 22: You walk through a door, only to find that not only are you not where you expected, there doesn’t seem to be a way back. A very green dream.

Baggage: FFC52 Week 21: A dramatic tale of cooking and loss.

People F#cking Suck: From a book of writing prompts, one of the hardest stories I’ve ever told – from the perspective of a human trafficker.

Writer’s Block: Chuck Wendig Challenge: A crazy stock photo, that inspires me to press through my writer’s block…

Carrion Carriage: FFC52 Week 20: A horrific discovery while staring at a painting in a gallery…

Flippin’ Out: FFC52 Week 19: Goldfish have feelings too, Bob!

The Hundred Violins: Chuck Wendig Challenge: Three random sentences, one thousand words, turns into an interesting little fantasy tale…

The Note: Another short from a writing prompts book, this one about a note left on a car windshield…

Serial Murdered: A short from a writing prompt book – imagine if you had multiple lives, and in each one, died at the hands of another person being reincarnated?

Dear Diary: Super short fiction from a writing prompt book, about a last entry in a diary.

My First…: Random fiction about first love and blooming adulthood.

Kicked to the Curb: Chuck Wendig Challenge, and the prompt that inspired me to start this blog. Her new lover is abuzz with delight over her, but can he compare with her other suitor?

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