WordPress occasionally pisses me off. :P

My reader is so damned glitchy. More often than not, as I scroll through to see who has posted what since I last read yesterday, I will find that it goes from showing me works that are a few hours old to suddenly showing works 16 days or more old. And nothing in between! :(

Highly, highly irritating! 

So my friends, if you have something you think I’d like to read and I haven’t commented or liked it yet, it could be I just haven’t seen that it was posted. :(





      1. I know, right!!
        Someone that I’m rather close with has mentioned lately that his reader is dropping people he follows. He has had to go back several times and re-follow. That has happened to me a few times also >:(

  1. I find my browser seems to get bogged down and unresponsive if I leave WP open for long periods. When I see glitches I just close it all down and then reopen it and it seems to go away for a while. One of the glitches is the reader repeating the same post or group of posts repeatedly as I scroll through looking for older posts. Just plain weird.

  2. I know what you mean. I have a certain group of people that I enjoy reading their posts and it always seems that non of them show up when I scroll threw…yet everyone else who I read here and there show up with several posts. -Jen

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