Should I Keep Doing Turn-a-trope Tuesdays?

Howdy all.

Ok, really, this is mostly a howdy to Helen, who is the only person who regularly does Turn-a-trope Tuesdays. Hi, Helen! ;)

Obviously, I did *not* get around to posting a Turn-a-trope yesterday, despite my best intentions to do so. Work was, well, work, and it had me here over late, as is happening more and more lately. Because of that, I didn’t get the time to go home and find a good trope, as is my usual Monday or Tuesday evening routine. By the time I did get home, I was tired and unmotivated.

Part of that lack of motivation is from just being busy – you all know, because Og knows I talk about it a lot, that my life of late has been super duper jam packed with activities. Right now, I’m not looking like I’m going to have a free weekend till sometime in October. And my evenings are fairly packed as well, often with obligations that I have no choice to beg out of.

The other part, though, is that I don’t know if anyone is getting anything out of this, other than Helen and I. And while I absolutely adore Helen’s writing (seriously, people, if you haven’t been reading her stuff, GO READ! She is a wonderful writer and her stories constantly amuse and impress me), I hate that I feel like I’m letting her down with delays and such, because I’m not convinced that this is such a hot idea after all.

So, thoughts? Should I keep turning tropes? Should I try issuing a less daunting challenge? Maybe it would be better if I just focused on challenges that use tropes, and leave the option of turning them up to the author? That might make it a bit less intimidating for writers to give it a shot. What do you say, WordPressland?



  1. I have been tempted to try your turn a trope thingies but I think I need to understand better what a Trope is and what it means to turn it. Fill me in on the expectations and I will give it a go :)

    1. The more I think about it, the more I think I am going to relaunch the idea as Trope-Tastic Thursdays :) And let people decide on their own whether to play the trope straight or do something unexpected with it. Hmmmm…yes, I think that may well be what I do! I’ll give a good explanation of what a trope is when I do launch it tomorrow!

  2. I love reading your responses to your own challenges — so I do believe there is great value in them. I don’t participate because well, you know me. My writing tends to be all over the place! ;)

      1. You know what they say about flattery!! ;) I now may be tempted to participate with a “less daunting” challenge.

  3. I honestly don’t think you should beat yourself up about it. If you do it, great! If not, so be it. I love the idea and feel some of my best stories have come from it, but if it’s causing that much stress, it might not be worth it. But, please, don’t let little old me affect your decision. I will be fine either way! It might be good for me, considering every time there’s a lull in challenges I actually work on that project I keep talking about. LOL

    Thank you for the shout-out! I adore your writing in equal measures and look forward to your posts. ;)

    Sometimes life happens and maybe right now, life needs you to be less about this and more about all the other things going on. Either way, my vote is FOR Turn-a-trope but only if it continues to be fun and worthwhile for YOU. You were super stoked about it when you first started it so I don’t think you should change it simply because others haven’t caught on. Maybe just let it be for a few months and pick it back up when things settle down a bit. Or maybe by then, something else will have caught your fancy. (Now I’m just rambling…)

    No decision is the wrong one here. Just do what works best for YOU. It is your creation, after all! ;)

    1. The more I think on it, the more I think I want to open it up a little. I love the idea of using tropes – so few writers realize just how ingrained these commonalities are in fiction – but I do wonder if it would be better to start with just using tropes, and letting the writers decide if they want to turn the trope or play it straight. I also think I will change it to Thursdays, as I get most of my writing done Mon-Wed, and that gives me a little more time to ponder a story over the weekend :)

      1. I saw your reply to the other comment while I was still drafting mine. I like the idea, either way. As I said, it’s your challenge so you should do what works best for you! ;)

          1. I love Tropes! I didn’t turn the last one on it’s head, so maybe this new direction will be a good one. :)

  4. Hi! How well I understand about work eating your life away. School started last week so I’m busy to the max. I was having difficulty turning the tropes within the amount of words allowed, but also with the tropes themselves. It is my downfall, weakness, and I shall be working on getting better at that. Part of it was that what I was coming up with was not something I felt comfortable posting. I believe that I need to initiate a blog that is only for my teaching self with no crossover as I do want to write about all sorts of topics, but feel tethered by my career and its restraints and constrictions. But with that said, I’ve had a fairly solid plate since early July and have only been sporadic about much of anything writing or net-wise. I love the idea of using the trope and whether it is turned or not is author discretion.

  5. I have always intended to take part but my hectic schedule often has other ideas! I’m also in agreement with the others who’ve said they’re a little confused by what a trope is and how you turn one. I will go and check your later posts to see if I can figure it out :)

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