Turn-A-Trope Tuesday (Wednesday?) #8: “Verbal Tic Name” – #WOEGTTT

Ok, ok, it’s Wednesday, not Tuesday. But I had to work late last night and when I got home, I immediately went out with my daughter to see Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy.” I’m not going to spoil the film here, because it’s awesome and fun and you really should go see it. But, I totally want to play with some of the film’s tropes (which, by the way, the film does a fine job of doing all on its own!).

So this week’s Turn-A-Trope Tuesday Wednesday, we are going to pay homage to Groot, with the “Verbal Tic Name.”

But first, check out last week’s entries!  Helen’s “The Not Ideal, Mighty Fine Workaround” and my “Super Sexy”!

From TVTropes.org:
In Pokémon Speak, the only thing a character says is his or her name. This is essentially the inverse: a character is named for the only thing he or she says. If it’s the only thing they’ve ever said, it might be unclear (or forgotten) which came first, especially if the first question they were asked was “what’s your name?” The way it usually works is someone with a limited or one-word vocabulary is named after that one word. Often, this will occur because other characters don’t know this character’s real name (if there even is one), and are uncomfortable with not having something to call them beyond “Hey, You!.” The simple solution: Take the only word(s) they ever utter and turn that into their name. Note that, despite the title, the source of the name isn’t necessarily a Verbal Tic. However, the spirit is there in that the character’s limited vocabulary is his or her defining attribute.

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