In cancer she found
an enemy more worthy
of her hate than me.



  1. You know, your post about her and life with her had me thinking that in a convoluted way, your Dads ( and I only know about your parents from that post) have shown your kids a healthier, more loving way to be, and then you did the same thing in dealing with your kids and their grandmother. It’s an eloquent statement of humanity in favor of compassion irregardless of anything else. I’m stricken by the ugly nature of people and situations and how situations such as yours still teach awesome love. I know that is my voew and not your kids’ view but I believe they get it on some level if they pay attention just a little. AND, to think it began with such ugly behavior by this woman… Divine design comes to mind. Anyway, I hope your kids and everyone else are ok.

    1. They are doing well as they can, my dear. My youngest is there with his mother, but my eldest is with me. We spent last night doing a little bonding. Beating metal with hammers and weaving chainmaille. He’s an awesome kid.

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