My weekend?



(Please note, not all the kids fit in this picture)



  1. I need more than a martini. I see you 2 1/2 hours at a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s, 2 hours school supply shopping at WalMart and 1 hour at the Mall with a teenage boy and pre-teen boy. I’m D O N E.

    1. Come to middle Georgia and I’ll take you up on it! ;) the martini I did get sucked…but my fav little biker dive makes the best Bloody Mary in the state. It helps ;)

    1. Last year’s wasn’t so bad – we rented a huge double sided inflatable waterslide – 35′ tall! The whole neighborhood pitched in, and turned it into a weekend long block party. Barbeque, waterslide, I did a magic show for the kiddos, and then at night? We got liquored up on my locally famous mojitos and had grownup waterslide time! It was a ton of fun. And only one concussion. ;)

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