Who Do You Want To Be Today?

Another of my favorite bands when I was an incorrigible youth. The incomparable Oingo Boingo, lead by front man Danny Elfman, who these days composes a shit ton of movie music. Ah, the memories I have of blaring this song on my punk-ish mix tape, flying down the roads in my deathtrap 79 Berlinetta Camaro. It took a good long while to figure out who I wanted to be…hmm. I think I’m still deciding.




  1. This is an awesome song for driving along the twisting roads of the Back Country (I capitalized it so it seems like a specific place. But it’s just a generalization of twisty back roads). And what better car than a 79 Camaro to do it in. You must have been a rich kid. I had a 78 Honda civic. Oingo and Earth Wind and Fire, cranked until the speakers fell off the doors.

    It was the motherlode.

    1. Dude, my Berlinetta was rode hard and put away wet by the time I got her. Power windows? Broken. AC? Broken. Heater? Stuck on. Insulation? Absent. Tires? Bald. Color? Rusted. But she was fast as shit, can’t lie about that. Hmmmm. I totally need to tell the story of how I almost died in that car…

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