Turn-A-Trope Tuesday? Another skip week…

Hey all.

As much as I hate to, I have to skip Turn-a-trope again. I had a really rough weekend, followed by a busy as hell Monday that was supposed to be a day off, and then today had to spend the day catching up on all that I missed taking off early Friday and all day Monday. And I’m beat. So much as I hate to, we’re going to skip this week. I have tons of writing to catch up on as is.

I do hope y’all will forgive me!



  1. …and… Forgiven! Take some time, rest. As much as I’ll miss it, I’m thinking it’s a good week to take some time myself. :)

      1. Nice! And well done! I got mine in just under the deadline on Monday. I wasn’t sure if mine was going to happen either, but it did and we are both on track! :)

      1. I am feeling the same way.

        I hermitted last night and instead of going out, I cancelled all plans and crawled into my pj’s and gamed my heart out last night. It was a welcome change.

        Looking forward to your scattered thoughts :)

          1. Hah! Awwwww bless. Stop, you’ll make me blush :)

            Well what can I say. When I over socialise I need time to recoup. Usually it involves downing a boss of some kind in my pjs as I yell obscenities at the screen because of derpy players. My friend said I swear worse than a trucker. I don’t know what she means. I’m sweet as pie.

            And eating cucumbers for dinner because all I’m capable of is cutting them ;)

            1. Blushing is awesome, just sayin’! ;)

              I have, alas, not gamed in a long time. These days, when I do, I like face to face gaming. Old school, paper and pencil and dice, fighting hordes of orcs in our imaginations while drinking beer and mead and eating cheetos.

              I am the King Supreme of Nerdom. I am…the Dungeon Master! ;)

              Cucumbers would be preferable to my dinner of stale Doritos and Campbell’s Soup on the Go!

              1. Oh wow I haven’t had a proper sit down game in forever.

                Last time I did was when I picked up the discworld board game and made ex play it with me. He suffered in silence as I supplied the cider.

                Your dinner rivals mine Lol

                1. Sit down games are so fun. I do miss WoW sometimes…but less and less. The grind always killed me. But I did love my RP server. ;) I’m all about some stories…

                  1. I played WoW for about 6 months before quitting. It was making me too anti social. At least with Final Fantasy I have a life too.

                    And I still get the joys of beating things up with friends ;)

                    1. I never tried Final Fantasy. Though I always thought that nothing ever beat FF6 (FF3 in the US). My favorite one of the series – magipunk and opera? Yes please!

                    2. My favourite ranges from 8 to X to X-I… And now xiv which is just so much fun. Reminds me of twelve, with a better story.

                      Last night we did the mob boss fight. All those dead moogles littering the floor made me sad!

                    3. Speaking of games, I finally watched the gameplay trailer for Firefly Online. Gorram it all, I’m gonna be sucked into another game, I know it…

                    4. Oh gosh, I can’t look at it. I don’t need another game addiction lol

                      One if more than enough :D

    1. This past weekend I was, definitely. Not intentionally, mind. The job I was *supposed* to do was supposed to be relatively easy, so that I could relax a bit. Unfortunately, a lady who was supposed to be running the whole thing instead didn’t, and it fell to me to keep things from falling apart. I won’t ever be attending an event she’s supposed to run again, I promise you that.

      1. Haha!! I had a job like that once! It was great!! I liked the six word challenge as it gave me a much needed break! Looking forward to what you come up with this week!!

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