I was going to skip this album but…

You’ve done it, Al.  The best song you’ve done in years. Literally. ;)





  1. That was hilarious! Great now you’ve made me more self-conscious, even as I write this. I hope you don’t convict me for my word crimes. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. That is truly fantastic.
    And hardly spastic.
    almost galactic

    But definitely a good time (hey, hey, hey)
    Now I just need to hire me a cunninglinguist. Too, you know, get “rid” of my mist8kes.

    Thanks for a morning smile, my good man.

    1. I’m fond of that part myself! For the most part, I’ve outgrown Weird Al – his stuff is good for a listen through and a laugh, but I rarely listen to it twice. This one is classic though!

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