Few things can match the sheer brutality of a breezeless summer day in Georgia. The sun beats down with unrelenting fury, merciless in its quest to see us mortals wilt, and neath the wicked lash of its rays all surfaces become ruthless irons beneath the feet. The air, sodden with moisture too oppressed by the sun to feel inspired enough to fall, and too laden to drink the heavy sweat that beads upon the brow of man. The sweat lingers, then, a shining, shimmering second skin, unable to cool, and thus it turns it’s frustration to making it’s wearer share in it.

This is not a world for modern man, whose body yearns for the chilling breath of an air conditioned coolness, a frosty respite from the harsh reality of a summer’s heat. How, I wonder, did we last so long as a species beneath this and wickeder climes? How did the men who walked this land even a hundred years past endure this oppression? And more importantly, the question I ask above all others?

Where the fuck is my A/C repairman?



        1. Ay-yi-yi! Yeah, and I don’t care how many people say it’s a dry heat. ;) I always say “so is a convection oven.” ;)

          (I lived in Bisbee, AZ for a while in a house built in the late 1800’s with no AC – ROUGH!)

  1. Totally feeling your pain. Had one unit repaired last week, then the main unit went out this week. Perfect timing with the holiday and all… EVERYONE- including my ac guy- is living it up at Clark Hill so I’ve had no choice but to spend my days at the pool or beach… Atleast til the afternoon thunderstorms arrive. Shitty 1st world single chic problems.

  2. Would you believe we are getting a cold spell soon – they’re are calling it a summer polar vortex. I swear I am not kidding. It was on AOL. Friggin’ nuts.

  3. Our AC died last year and we held out as long as we could before we shelled out for a new one. Three days of 88 in house with no breezes did us in, it was nearly to stifling for sex…nearly. ;-) $2600 later we are a breezy 70 degrees again.

  4. You and yours are welcome here. Granted it would be a bit of a commute.

    I remember working for the JIMCF out in the heat for 14 hour days learning musical comedies that we performed all summer. I look back and haven’t a clue how I survived those summers on Jekyll Island.

  5. Brother, I can feel your pain there! My AC went out on Saturday night, and was out all day Sunday. Thankfully, I was able to get someone out on Sunday night to repair it. Glad yours is back up and running!

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