Aim true, my dear…

The stars grant wishes, this is true;
And yet, they are such tiny spots
Of light, that when you’re wishing, you
Must carefully aim your dreaming shots
Lest they should tumble to the void
Of black and empty wish-less space
Where no wish granting is deployed,
So wishes vanish there, erased.
The brighter stars are closer, dear,
So when you aim, those ones must be
The ones to shoot, for I do fear
The duller ones, so hard to see
Will take too long, will make you wait
To see your dreams as truth become,
So when you wish, the dull, berate,
And sight the brighter with your thumb
And then, with all your heart and mind
Whisper your wish, and shoot the star,
And then, my love, I hope you’ll find
Your heart’s desires, what e’er they are.



      1. Your piece has me thinking about wishes on stars – those that are here on earth – more attainable that those in the sky. Reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy wishing for what is over the rainbow, when all she really needed to do was look around her and in her heart to find what she was looking for –

      1. Thanks for that ear worm… Now I will be singing that song all day… Oh well, it’ll remind me to shoot for the brightest star, with my wishes and desires. ;)

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