A Leaf on the Wind

A leaf struggles against the blowing wind
That whispers, “Change is coming round the bend.”
Where once was thick and leafy, now is thinned
All flown save one, that fights the bitter end.
The others, fallen to the summer drought
When once they flourished in a spring’s delight,
Were plucked away, neglected and without
A proper watering, they gave up the fight.
Yet one remains, though yearns for the caress
Of that sweet wind, that blows and whispers dear
Sweet melodies, while seeking to undress
The bit of tree that, trembling in fear
Still holds out hope that yes, this drought will lift
And though the siren’s song is soft and sweet,
Refuses to release, to float and drift
And other destinies to chance and meet.
But lacking water, how can it endure?
Not even morning dew to quench its thirst
As broken promises of rain ensure
This drought may very well then be the worse.
So why cling to the fragile, waving limb
When sweeter things are whispered all around
And chance of quenching rain seem ever slim
And all his fellow leaves lay on the ground?
Yes, why indeed – the tree no longer cares
And so the leaf give up a final gasp
While blithely at the sun, the tree, it stares
The leaf undoes its tiny little grasp
And on the wind, it sails away at last,
And leaves oblivious, the tree, to past.



  1. I’m off to find this leaf, Mark. You’re beautiful. This poem is full of word imagery that cannot be felt by just anyone, unless that one has also felt the pain and longing for life. This feeling is not alone. Many join him in struggle. (((Hugs)))

    Relax into what should be
    You’ll find peace within the calm
    Right or wrong we’ll forever struggle
    Lean into the wind and let her take you home

        1. I’ve always been of a mind that the best writing should feel as if it is either directly aimed at the reader or from the reader’s heart. Not that I am the best of writers, but it is something I strive for.

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