I almost forgot! Here there be dragons…

After work yesterday, while moving furniture, we discovered my friends had a visitor in their house. Being a stalwart knight, I captured the serpent and relocated him to a less populated domain…




    1. Indeed, he was fat with some critter or another. I found a nice ditch, far away from houses and with plenty of shady hiding places, and let the fellow go free. Rat snakes are marvelous critters. Glad I got to him before someone beheaded the poor guy.

      1. Dear Mark,
        I had a “red” corn snake. Her name was Lilith and she came to me as a hatchling the night of Halloween 2000. She lived 12 years. You did a very noble thing.
        ~A 😊

    1. Ah but the disservice you’d have done! He’s merely doing his job, evidently quite well, of keeping down the rodent population. Surely, that deserves a pardon? ;)

      1. Not in my house, it doesn’t. ;) As long as he slithers along in the 11 plus acres of surrounding wood, he’d be fine.

  1. Brother… you can keep the snakes wherever you are… I don’t move snakes, I walk around them or kill them. :-)

    1. Depends entirely on the snake. A few weeks back, I helped dispatch an eastern diamondback rattlesnake. Just wasn’t a safe way to catch and relocate a beast like that, and we’ve got kids in the neighborhood!

      1. I used to find rattlesnakes under bails of hay all the time as a teenager. One of us lifted the bails, while another stood there with a gun. No fun… unless you were the one with gun, lol.

  2. My motto is… Chop snake to a cazillion pieces… Then you can figure out if it was a good snake or bad snake. ;) oh mighty brave one… Don’t even THINK of trying to convince me otherwise. Momma always said, “the only good snake is a dead snake” . Although I will applaud your chivalry

  3. Well done and all that. It’s not often we get snakes in my neck of the woods. Massassauga Rattlers from time to time but other than that… nothing. Maybe the rats get them all.

  4. You can capture and relocate all those dragons you want! I found a green one up where I live. Fortunately a very nice person came and chased him away with …. moth balls?

  5. Indiana Jones: “Snakes! What did it have to be snakes??!”

    About ten years ago, my husband and I were driving down a country road, he swerved to avoid a snake in the road. The thing had been hit before we chanced upon it. My husband, also a gallant knight, said, “Poor thing.”

    His wife, a damsel lacking in compassion, replied, “It’s a snake. Let’s back up and finish the job.”

    If I’d have been Eve, we’d still be naked and running around the Garden ’cause I wouldn’t have gone near any darned old snake! :D

        1. You know, I rather do. And not just for the sexy bits. ;) Imagine how much more civilized politics would be if the senators had to deliver their diatribes clad in not but sky. ;)

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