Getting closer…

The mural is getting closer to done!




    1. LOL! ;) My kids love old school heroes and cartoons.

      Though I must admit, you had me concerned for a moment I’d uploaded an entirely different kind of image. ;)

      1. I would apologize but it wouldn’t be sincere!! ;) Perhaps this is when I should say, “bless your heart”??!!

            1. People have this strange idea that angels are sweet and super-nice. They always forget that angels burned down cities and slaughtered relentlessly the enemies of their lord. ;)

                1. LOL, not all avenging angels were Death. Some were Justice. Some were Mercy. Some were Righteous. The point merely being, that one may be an angel and still bear a wicked blade ;)

                    1. No, I’m just obsessively well read. ;) Can’t help it. See book, must read! See webpage, must read! See cereal box, must read!

                      Why they were writing about angels on cereal boxes though, I’ll never know. ;)

  1. Oh wow, that’s looking snazzy. Loving parents you are, I wouldn’t want to be the one has to paint that! lol.

      1. You’re too kind. We indeed fellow cabinmate. Huh, coed camping. They didn’t do that when I was a kid (not that it made a difference, lol).

          1. I am fully aware of what I wrote. In case you have not noticed, I do enjoy a double entendre from time to time ;) so please allow your imagination to wander…do not hold back on my account.

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