Not gonna get caught up, I fear…

The biggest disadvantage to having such an insanely busy weekend is that I am just not going to be able to catch up on all the reading I’ve missed! To all my friends that I follow, I hope you’ll forgive me, but I am still slammed with work and painting, and while I am going to do a bit of writing (the whole reason I started this blog) I am going to be, truly regretfully, unable to catch up on all your wonderful stories and posts from this weekend. I will read where I can, but I just fear there’s too much to catch up on.

That said, if there is something you think I’d particularly enjoy, please, send me a link here in the comments! I’d love to have a reading list, and it will make it a bit more manageable than scrolling through the reader!




          1. The only one that I think you’d really be sorry about missing is of a more “mature” nature and I’d hate to put such a link here (and it is on the private site). ;)

  1. Me too – me too. It sucks and I feel terribly guilty and like the worst follower – friend in the world and I really miss reading the beautiful words everyone writes. Anyhoo, I am going nowhere, you are going nowhere, your followers are going nowhere – we are just not here at the moment;)

    Oh – one cannot rush the bedroom wall art – remember grasshopper, the Sistine Chapel was not painted in a day……..
    May the paint forces be with you…….

      1. I have to pick Jordan up at 11:30 again. Yuck. And we had bad weather last night – 1:45am civil defense sirens. Funnel cloud siting up the road. So, both he and I and the Pee are tired. I am thinking I need an intravenous drip of coffee. Oh and we are getting more bad weather. It.

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