Just a quick post today…

Well, that was fun.

I went to work yesterday morning earlier than I normally go in, getting in around 7:30AM. I knew I had a long day ahead, based off the week’s previous workload, but I had hoped I could get in early and then buzz out the door for a lovely Friday afternoon off. Maybe take a nap, maybe take a motorcycle ride and enjoy the weather.  Instead, as the day came close to where I wanted to leave, I had a huge stack of priority work dumped in my lap. When you work for the government, priority work means PRIORITY. So I stayed, I worked. I struggled with uncoded manuals and others that just didn’t want to compile. Some took hours on the compiler, leaving me unable to do any other work. I finally got home at 4:30AM this morning. It took me a while to fall asleep – but I finally did around 5:15AM or so.  And then I got up at 8:30AM. I had classes to teach today. A history class on the role of the medieval bard, a class on performing arts, another on medieval forms of poetry. Lots of work, but I finally did get home.

Any way, point is. I’m fairly exhausted. I don’t think I am going to post more today, or perhaps this weekend. I have so many projects piled up and so little time to do them in. The wee one returns on Tuesday. I have to have the rest of his room finished painted, his furniture painted, and the awesomesauce mural by C.E.Coburn done before then.

Catch y’all on the flip side!





  1. You’re exhausted? I’m exhausted just reading this – where do you get the energy from? Bless your stamina, stamina – only a word to me now. Sleep we’ll, fine man, sleep well.

  2. You are a better man than I. I normally say “priority” means “when it suits me.” Maybe that’s why I don’t have a particularly good job.

    Hope you’re rested up now.

    1. Right? ;) This week, I worked one 14 hr day, one 10 hr day, and another 10 today, before I go home to pack and drive 6 hrs away for the weekend. Always busy!

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