The Wicked Mother

Feeling poetic today. Enjoy!

Oh sweetest maiden…or is it mother cruel?
At times you seem as both, and others, neither.
For smothering, your embrace would kill the fool,
As suckling, you give nurse to water’s breather.
Yet knowing, we fools still prod within your womb,
Probing for treasures, so deep within your salt.
Oh wicked lady, your bed becomes our tomb;
We lust for your bounties, then die within your vault.
With waves do you beckon and sweetly caress,
With your promise of pearls in a lusty embrace;
With such calls to our souls, we must soon acquiesce
Till we’re one with the dark in your deep, briny place.
Would I could ignore you, oh murderous mother,
But the song that you sing is lodged deep in my brain
As it was with my father, my uncles, my brothers,
Written fast in the blood that flows through every vein.
So I come to you, lover, my killer, my queen,
Though I’m damned to the depths as my fathers before;
For my soul is too willing, my body unclean,
And I’ll never find peace while I stand on your shore.



    1. To those of us whose blood runs thick with her calling, she is as irresistible as any siren’s call. My whole family, for numerous generations, were Navy men. I was the first to break that pattern, but even to this day, I feel the sea beckon me.

      1. I believe a lot of what currently ails me could be alleviated by time spent by the ocean’s side. Of course, it could be that I’m not immune to the Siren’s song, even though I am female. ;)

        1. The Sea is indiscriminate in her calls, my dear – she cares not what gender you are, only that you heed her song, taste her salt.

          I’m heading to the sea next weekend, in fact, to alleviate the yearning. A little vitamin Sea to soothe the soul.

                  1. Does that mean you have recovered from your recent flare? ;) I would hate for you to be at a disadvantage when fighting for my right to flee to the sea.

                    1. Oh, yeah, they only last a day or two. I’m back to fighting form again! ;) Though it wouldn’t matter either way. I fight hardest when at a disadvantage. ;)

                    2. LOL — I’ll keep that in mind. But glad to hear you are no longer in pain (or fainting). ;)

  1. All this chatter and talk of the sea reminds me of two things – the song Brandy by Looking Glass and Popeye. And now I feel like I need a bite if spinach pie.

          1. I am trying to come up with a witty response but I am stalling. Yes, there is Olive Oil and yes there is Bluto by for some reason I am coming up with a totally unrelated ocean/sea thing – Moby Dick. Which, the more I think about it should then be more appropriate on your ‘night time gig’ – (oops – just renamed it).

          2. I am blabbering – sorry – been a long day and I still have to pick my older son up from work at 11:30. Nighttime gig – is what I just renamed your after dark blog;). Okay. I am shutting up. Gotta do laundry now.

                    1. I kinda doubt that will happen anytime soon. Besides, typically the harder cheeses have less fat. I must keep an eye on my womanly figure. Since I am the only one who ever does anymore.

                    2. You break my heart. A little havarti is a wonderful thing. And I swear, I am going to have to come beat some sense into the men around you. ;)

  2. “…in your deep briny place” is so rich and for me the centre of gravity here. The draw of the sea can be irresistible but she can be a treacherous mother or mistress. i like this, Mark, i like it a lot.

    1. Thank you John – this one is entirely the sailor in my blood, screaming out to me that I’m too damned far from the sea. I was raised on salt water and sea shanties, me boys.

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