Awesome Mural by C.E. Coburn!

I am so stoked! I commissioned the insanely talented C. E. Coburn to help design a mural that I’m painting on the wall of the bedroom my two 8 year old boys share this weekend. The idea was to take the boys, turn them into chibi-style cartton characters, and put in similarly designed caricatures of five each of their favorite cartoon characters. This is the black and white line drawing of the result (sorry for the pixelation, but I had to shrink it a lot to fit here). I’ll also take a pic once we have it painted, in color, on the wall!






    1. I can’t wait to have it all in color. C.E. is even sending me a color map, kind of like paint by numbers, to make it easy! Just gotta get the art on a few transparencies and set up the ole projector!

  1. Totally cool. So cute and what is really going to make it even more special is that dad is painting it. I am now sitting in my car waiting for my older one to get out if work. The younger one is reading The Game if Thrones on his iPhone and the pooch is snoozing in the back seat. I miss those 8 yr old years. Will you take a photo of the finished masterpiece and post it?

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