So, working late sucks, but it can have its upsides…

Without delving too far into all the details of my mundane world, the job I do sometimes requires me to stay for long hours, watching and waiting for a compiler to finish gargling the code I threw at it and then spit out something that is hopefully usable. Unfortunately, while said compiler is churning away, I seriously can’t do anything else on my machine.

Thankfully, have laptop, will travel. So while it sucks to be here two hours past my typical time already, I do get a little time to write, to think, to listen to Cake on Pandora really loud on my headphones with no one telling me it’s going to damage my hearing or bugging me to do something else. It could be worse, right?

And fuck yeah. They Might Be Giants, Istanbul (Not Constantinople) just revved up.

Why did Constantinople get the works?



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