Just Me…

Just Me...

So, this is me at my desk. This is how I look pretty much every day – a jaunty cap to keep my unruly hair at bay, motorcycle goggles on my head because otherwise I forget them and get expensive tickets, and the soul-crushing glare of fluorescent lighting. For those who were interested in seeing what I look like. There’s what, three of you? ;)



  1. Obviously you are not required to wear a helmet or you’d be donning that as well, right? ;) Nice to “see” you, Mark!

    1. :D The helmet stays on the bike, because I have a helmet lock. The goggles, though, are pricey ones, and I’ve had several pairs walk away in the past…so now they stay on my head ;)

        1. Always. I’ve been riding since I was 17 years old…so, um, what…21 years now? And never once without a helmet. I also take the motorcycle safety course every few years, to keep my skills up to snuff. Safe biking is happy biking!

          1. You answered perfectly. I ride the un-motorized form of a bike. My helmet saved my life in 2005 – 6 weeks before Ironman WI. I am packing metal in my left arm and I would have killed myself had I not had my helmet on.

              1. Me too. My kids learned a lesson that day and they have never been on anything with wheels and not had a helmet on. My younger son – they aspiring chef – could not look at my for almost a week – facial swelling, bruising and scabbing. When he finally looked at me he said I looked like steak. Come to think if it, at the time I found this to be disturbing but now I am thinking that is a good thing. The kid loves steak. !?!?!?!

  2. OMG!!!! The gotee! I LOVE facial hair, beards, etc… ((Swoon)) ;)
    A face to these words… Wow… Indescribable. Hi! How are you!

              1. Usually I can keep a straight face… But lately… It’s overflowing from inside… And I can’t help it! Can’t help but smile and “glow” ;) and spit water randomly

                  1. Now I’m biting my fingernail to keep from laughing out loud!!! Oh gosh, I haven’t had to conceal this much laughter since I was a teen sitting in church while the preacher was preaching away!

  3. Bonus day for me!! Just new here (fairly) and look at you, all smiling and happy to see me! It’s like Christmas and Hallowe’en all piled into one day.
    Looking forward to following your craftily crafted craftsmanship. You are truly a wordsmith.

      1. Clarification can save lives. I went to Barbados (where Rihanna is from) and was warned by the check-in person at the hotel not to go around the island dropping my name.

        But “Don’t you know who I am?” has pretty good impact. Especially with the younger crowd.

  4. I can’t believe nobody has called you Biggles yet! Am i the only person who saw goggles and thought that? PLEASE tell me you have a fleece lined leather aviators jacket somewhere…

    1. AHHHHHHH!!!!! I could seriously reach through the monitor and kiss you right now! I LOVE BIGGLES!!!! And I am like the only person in my circle of influence who has any idea who he is! *does a happy dance*

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