No writing Friday – or, the day I did the other kind of fencing…

I was off the grid most the day Friday. I spent the entire day working on building a privacy fence for a wonderful older fellow who, with a heart condition, shouldn’t have been out doing the work himself. The project had a number of challenges, beyond the fact that I had to do a lot of it on my own. There was the consideration that he wanted to reuse a lot of old lumber and existing fence structures, which, if they had been decent in the first place, wouldn’t have needed to be replaced. The heat of the day was absolutely miserable – 94 degrees Fahrenheit, with the sun beating down mercilessly from a cloudless sky, and not even a hint of breeze to be felt. I ended up cooking my phone – not fun. And in the end, we had to make some compromises to what we could and couldn’t do with the materials we had to work with. But, finally, darkness having already surrounded us, we had a very nice, working gate and a lovely privacy fence.

The rest of this weekend, I am spending in Atlanta visiting my wife’s brother and sister-in-law. We are all of us without kids this weekend, so its a rare chance to have some down time with other adults. Of course, that may make writing a bit of a challenge, but every once in a while, I am just going to grab the chance and do it. After all, it’s supposed to be about relaxing this weekend. And writing is my relaxation. :)



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