Perhaps I’m Taking the Medieval Reenactment Thing Too Far…


Gout. The Disease of Kings. In the Middle Ages, it was considered an affliction of the wealthy, for only the wealthy were able to afford the rich foods that could lead to the demon that is gout.

These days, pretty much any one can get it. Mostly those on a protein heavy diet. And those who like to have a drink once in a while. People like me.

It is almost impossible to describe how bad gout hurts. But let me tell you, it’s really fucking bad. It kind of feels like a pair of long, burning hot needles have been pushed into the joints of my  big toe, and are being slowly spread apart with acid as lubrication. Though they are exceedingly rare, as gout tends to mostly strike men, I have met two women who suffer from gout. One of them has had children, and says the pain of gout is far worse than childbirth ever was. It fucking hurts. It hurts so bad that even a light breeze can make it feel like your foot is being crushed in a two-ton press. Ouch!

So, when I first got gout, I changed a lot things about my diet. Cut out a lot of red meat. Stopped drinking beer (not that I ever did so excessively – maybe a twelve pack a month, at most), cut back on meats in general. But, one of the triggers for gout is weight loss, and I’ve been losing a lot of weight, so I should have known this was going to happen.

But god, does it suck. I do have ways to manage it. I have ibuprofen, which helps. I have a med that is pretty damned good at lessening the length of the attack called indomethacin. Unfortunately, I’m also one of the lucky ones who suffers from that drug’s rare side effect of random loss of consciousness. Yep, I just pass out. At random. I’ve done so twice already, just sitting here at work. Thankfully, I haven’t yet fallen out of my chair.

But there’s not much I can do about it. Grrrrrr.

The disease of Kings. Sometimes, I think I take this medieval thing too far.



    1. I hope to. I caught the outbreak of it quick enough that I’ll probably just need a day or two of excruciating pain to get over it. Which is loads better than the week or so it used to take. However, if you see any posts that look like ads;lahgkjhai that’s just me passing out in my keyboard, pay it no mind. ;)

  1. I imagine this also cuts down on the heavy fighting while you recover? I mean, passing out in battle is not exactly considered noble, is it? ;) (J/K — I do hope the pain passes quickly!)

    1. LOL, yes, footwork is vital to fighting. Not being able to move SUUUUUUUCKS. But hopefully, this will pass before my next time in armour.

      Though do remind me to tell you about the funniest time I did see someone pass out in battle…

  2. Getting older sucks doesn’t it? Though I do not have gout, I have 20 years of old dance injuries and missing cartilage and battle scars and titanium…I do not know exactly how you feel, but I can imagine. We do what we can to do what we love to do. I hope you feel better soon. I am waiting for Lego to go out with joints and limbs so I can pop them in as I need them. ;)

      1. The question is – would you like to be rebuilt as a Star Wars Lego or a Harry Potter? Me – Sponge Bob. (Yes, my sons have these still…,,…….,,,,)

          1. Oops, pardon me……okay so I am a bit off. Haven’t bought any Legos in a awhile. My boys follow these things – but not in Legos – now the books, movies, plastic swords, we still have some renaissance faire wares that I cannot seem to get rid of – donate. They always somehow magically end up in the closet. My youngest is into the Game of Thrones books. A matter of fact The Game of Whatflies was written about him. You’d make a great Sir Lancelot – Sir Legolot;)

  3. :-( My hubby gets gout attacks too… He takes this supplement called go-out plex and says it works better than the stuff the dr prescribed him. It’s made by Mt.Angel vitamin company, has tart cherry and celery seed in it, and is probably better on your liver than the chemical stuff. He said straight tart cherry works ok too but the other stuff seems to work better. Gotta buy it at one of those granola stores or on amazon, don’t think they have if anywhere else. Hope this helps you some!

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