Apple Eater: A Poem

I am once more doing the unusual and reblogging a post – for those of you who want to know why I chose C.E. Coburn as one of my spotlight writers, *this* is why. Magnificent work!

Drafty Devil

I was insLilith by John Collier C. E. Coburn Quotepired to create this poem by Pooky Poetry’s Prompt No. 44. The task was to create a poem that could be read forwards or backwards. Of course my dyslexic brain took that to mean from right to left, as well as from left to write. So, I set out to create a poem that reads completely in reverse. About five minutes in: “The fuck was I thinking?” Thankfully I did not manage to drive myself mad, and endedup with a pretty cool poem (that hopefully doesn’t feel too forced to form) with some serious Carrollean elements. I’ve written the poem out both ways for easy reading and punctuation.

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