A Sonnet for a Sweet Friend

Dreams are the starships of the mind,
Unrestrained by the laws of life,
Where we can search, and better, find,
A chance escape from pain and strife
Around, perchance, some distant star
Where wonders blend with sweet desire,
Where all we need is near, not far,
And we are that which we aspire.
So dream, sweet friend, and find your heart
Eased by the visions that you see
In that strange place, a world apart
From here and now, from you and me,
But pray, return, with hope to share
Your dreams will always wait you there.



  1. Oh how I wish to remain in this tranquil, safe place where amazing things take place. Thank you for sharing this lovely poem.

  2. “And we are that which we aspire” – such a positive outlook as indeed is the entire sonnet, filled with hope and promise..
    and i hope, Mark, you’re doing well

    my best to you


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