Turn-a-trope Tuesday #2: “Unwanted Revival”

It’s Tuesday, and time for my next Turn-a-trope Tuesday!

I’m going to be honest…there are going to be times I hit the random button a couple of times on TVTropes.org. While all tropes have a place, some are just a lot harder to fictionalize. The first two I generated tonight were very specifically related to video-game mechanics, and while I am sure a story could have been woven from them, I wanted something a little broader to ease into this week with.  Thankfully, the third time was the charm, coming up with “Unwanted Revival”.

As stated on that site:

A character is dead, or comatose, and for whatever reason isn’t happy about being revived from that state.

 It also applies to less lethal circumstances – a character who deliberately vanished by hiding or faking their death is unhappy to have to return.

There you go, trope fans! Your mission, should you choose to accept it – write a story involving an Unwanted Revival, but turn the trope in an interesting way. You don’t have to do a complete reversal, but it should be something that gives an alternate take to the way this type of story plays out.

Deadline? Next Monday, the 16th. 1000 words or less.

Have fun with it!



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