A tiny bit of awesome in a stressful day…

There are times where stress makes it hard to write. This week has been filled with them, as I’m sure my previous posts have indicated. That said, sometimes it is tiny things that can make a day so much brighter, that can inspire us to do something more. I had one happen today that I want to share, but first, a little back story.

I want to tell you about my siblings. Unlike a lot siblings (or at least, unlike the siblings of most people I know), my brother and sisters and I are all incredibly close. We text each other at least once a week, call at least once a month, email regularly, and try to see each other every few months whenever possible, despite the distance between us. We love each other, but more than that, we like each other. We legitimately enjoy one another’s company. We spend such times with food and wine and song and it’s really an amazing thing.

So this morning, things started rough. I was in a rather grumpy mood, when suddenly, my phone buzzed. Then a second one. Then a third.  I checked it, and it was my siblings. My brother had sent out a group text, a simple “I love you guys”.  My sisters responded in kind. I couldn’t resist, I texted back “Eh. I think you’re alright.”

Everyone responded back with a laugh, and then I posted, more seriously, a small paragraph about my appreciation for being not just close with, but best friends with my siblings.

My brother responded with “That’s my brother, the writer.”

His brother. The writer.

Thanks bro. I needed that.



    1. The antithesis of validation, derision, can be so terribly devastating. My ex, for years, laughed at my writing dreams and never failed to tell me how I would never be successful at it. This makes validation even more powerful, I think.

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