I am drunk…

Ok, maybe just buzzed. Maybe a little more than buzzed. Whatever. We had a quarter pitcher of mojitos left from the weekend, and damned if they don’t go bad quick, so I thought to polish them off before bed tonight.

I am, if nothing else, a thorough polisher.

The nice thing about this delightful level of near intoxication is that I feel a bit more free in expressing my opinions than I might otherwise be. Not, mind you, that I endeavor to conceal the truth, but I do try hard to be a nice person in general and follow the old axiom that if you don’t have something nice to say, you don’t say it at all.

And here, my lovelies, is the beautiful moment of tonight’s rum filled rant.

You are all so very, very beautiful.

I have only been on WordPress for slightly more than a month. I will admit, I did not think this mad experiment would last. I’ve had blogs in the past, and every single one of them failed within the first two weeks. I found it far too easy to find excuses and abandon my works and words. It was only the words of the ever talented, ever awesome Delilah Dawson that I decided to try one more time (and clearly, the drunk isn’t quite drunk enough, as I am still able to post hyperlinks – damned my blue eyes and their alcohol resistance!).

But, I have found here more than just a place to throw my thoughts, to weave my silly little tales of thieves and cons and lovers all. I have found here an amazing collection of writers. WRITERS! You hear that people? All of you, all of you that I choose to follow…you are fucking WRITERS.  Not aspiring, not novice, not wanna-bes. You. Are. Fucking. WRITERS.

And I love your work.

I do. Because I’m still a nice dude. I still try hard not to say anything if I have nothing nice to say.

So if I commented on your story, on your blog, on your musings, its because what you wrote touched me. Inspired me. Made me think. Made me dream.

That, I think, is the mark of a true writer. When you can put something down in words that makes another dream, what greater glory is there than that?

I came here to write. Nothing more.

I found, to my delight, a place to read.

Thank you, dear friends. From the bottom of my heart (and my empty pitcher). Your words are gold, and I cherish them with the greed of a dwarven king.

Yeah, I’m a lovey drunk. Sue me.




  1. My what a lovely drunk indeed. I’ve really enjoyed your posts and am envious at the rate that you can churn out brilliant words! Since your being nice and all would you consider making some slight site changes to accommodate your lovely readers, please? I have two requests:
    1. Settings > Article Feed = Show full text (enables reading through reader my skew stats)
    2. Appearance > Mobile = Activate appropriate radio buttons (some read on the run and while waiting)

    1. I can definitely churn out words – their brilliance is not guaranteed. ;) Beyond that, how can I ignore such a lovely lady’s request? Article feed and mobile setting have been updated, dear lady. Let me know if the new look works for ya! :D

      1. It looks great now. Thanks for accommodating the requests. In absence of brilliance, entertaining and/or thought provoking works too, which I trust you will deliver every time. :)

  2. Awww thank you…and a belated cheers to you, my lovely friend! *clinks glass*

    Should you ever find yourself in Middle Georgia, you should stop by for a mojito. I make the best ever. Grow my own mint even. ;)

    And I likewise truly enjoy reading your blog and comments and everything you write. So lucky to have stumbled across you! :)

    1. … breathtaking! I find myself in the unusual position of being simultaneously drawn to seek you out and unleash the fury of my passion with you and also glad that I can’t, because I fear the twinning of our two fires could very well cause the solar system to supernova… ;)

      1. I imagine we’d be fully engulfed in those flames of desire. In a trance, we’d embrace and succumb to the sweet intoxication as passions lick the sky and beyond. It’s best to… daydream about what will never be, maybe. ;)

  3. You’re a true gent, Mark, and your blog’s success is in no small part down to you being an all-round great guy :)

    I’m so glad that we’ve crossed writing paths and I think you ‘re pretty effing awesome too! <3

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