Kick Fear in the Sack…

Three days of not writing is all it took to make it hard again. Well, not terribly hard. After all, here I am, writing and reading and commenting. The latter part helps more than I would have guessed; reading the works of the brilliant (and sometimes terrible) minds of the people I’ve stumbled across on this journey of habit formation is sometimes the very cure I need to my lethargy. I read your words, my friends, and weep. I read them and laugh. I read them and shout with excitement. I read them…and feel. Oh, so very much. And what is writing, what is reading, if not feeling?

A friend of mine, a fellow writer, mentioned that sometimes, she sits down to write, and wonders if it is worth it, if there aren’t better things she could be doing with her time. She also asked what excites us about writing, and what makes us scared. This was my reply:

Imagine if Hemingway had asked that. Or Tolkien. Or Rowling. The thing is, ALL writing is worth your time. Even if you were a terrible writer (which I doubt absolutely), the time you spent would not be wasted. I have read some terrible, awful fiction…and yet, it got published. And that terrible stuff inspires me to write. Maybe something less terrible. Maybe even something great, that will inspire and entertain, and maybe even teach someone a little. The point is, that wondering, that questioning of worth, is just another aspect of fear. Another way that fear is manipulating you and keeping you from doing what your heart wants. Kick fear in the sack. Write.

My moments of excitement are easy to define – they are the ones where I begin writing and become lost in the world of my imagination, when the words flow from my brain through my fingertips and onto the screen and I can say to myself “this is good stuff!” The moments of fear are less hard to define, as they can be so insidiously subtle. They are the moments where I am too tired to write (but not too tired to play a video game for several hours). They are the moments where I have a great idea, then sit down at the screen and stare at it blankly. They are the moments where I am a hundred pages into a work, then go back and read it and rip it all to shreds and start over. Fear sucks. Fear is, as Herbert so eloquently put it, the mind-killer. But when you conquer that fear? That is the best excitement of them all.

So that is my advice for today. The advice that I am going to take myself.

Kick fear in the sack.

Be excited.




  1. “moments where I have a great idea, then sit down at the screen and stare at it blankly” are the worst. And then I keep sitting there, because I’ve already spent so much time trying to start that to give up & get up would make it all for nothing

    1. I am honored and delighted to find another believer in kicking fear in places it didn’t know it could hurt. ;) your style is likewise appealing – I can’t wait to read more!

  2. It’s my pleasure to meet and share with like minded individuals. I do hope you enjoy some of my posts… I tend to write in spurts, when I have/make time and it seems as though the great outdoors is slowing posts. Looking forward to getting to know you and your words.

    1. My dear, do I enjoy your posts? That is rather like asking if a desert plant enjoys the rain. Or a starving man enjoys a buffet. Or if a forty pound bluejay has a weight problem. ;) I look forward to reading every single one.

      1. Oh wow I’m rendered speechless by your overwhelming support, or I need more coffee since it’s still early on the west coast… probably a bit of both. Your are very kind, thank you!

    1. Motor oil indeed. Not only am an East Coaster, I’m a Navy brat. Grew up with the coffee brewed by a proto-SEAL stepdad and a command master chief father. Mmmmm, the good stuff! ;)

      1. I’ve known a few CMCs and a few butter bars that thought they outranked CMC. I gave up drinking copious amounts of coffee when I was discharged from the Navy. I now only enjoy coffee once or twice a month.

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