My four year anniversary!

Four years have passed, how quick they fled!
It hardly feels like that at all,
Each day I wake within our bed,
And fresh, my love of you, recall.

Love makes the years pass quickly by,
Or so the poets tend to say;
And truth, like lightning did they fly
To this, our four year wedding day.

Of course, the paradox is this –
Though short our time has seemed to be
That we have spent in wedded bliss,
It sometimes feels eternity.

What can I mean with such remark?
‘Tis just that I cannot recall
A life without your love, your spark,
Your heart, your mind, your one and all.

E‘en when I think back to the days
When you and I were not as one
Those memories blur – a different phase
Before a better life begun.

Remember then, this blissful morn
That then, four years ago today,
A better man was made and born,
Forever more with you to stay.

So let this be the best of days,
Rejoice in what we’ve had, and then
Look forward to the joy and praise,
Of what will come, not if, but when.

Happy anniversary, my sweet and lovely Myndee June. You know I’m a man of old tradition, and on this day, I am no different. Each stanza bears a clue that spells out todays surprise. I love you darling!

Since my lovely wife doesn’t follow my writing blog, I feel comfortable spoiling her surprise here! ;) As highlighted in the poem above (the one she received did not have such highlights), the first letter of each stanza of this piece spells out the word FLOWERS. Flowers are the traditional gift for a fourth anniversary, so in addition to the poem, my very awesome mom is sneaking over this morning to replant the flower bed in front of our house, that my wife has long been lamenting for its lack of, well, flowers.

I know it’s probably silly, but I really am a traditionalist at heart when it comes to such things. For our first anniversary, I wrote her a poem that I calligraphed on a sheet of fine, handmade paper and framed.  For our second, high thread count cotton sheets. The third, a leather Coach wallet, that she had wanted for ages. And thus, today, flowers…I hope she loves them!



    1. *blush* Thank you John! It is easy to write good poetry when inspired by one as she. Alas, my words could never compare to her incomparable good qualities, but I console myself that no one else could either. ;)

  1. So sweet & thoughtful! And what a romantic poem. Happy anniversary to the both of you, may you have many, many more!

    1. She did indeed! And was totally surprised. My teenage stepdaughter on the other hand, said “I don’t know why your surprised, mom. Mark always goes crazy romantic on anniversaries.” Nice to be a positive role model for her male expectations! ;)

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