Cassandra’s Tears

This is an older piece that I’ve reworked, so a lot of it is newer material. No particular form or style this time, just an inspiration from a story of a damaged girl and the poor souls lost to her painful past.

Cassandra’s Tears

She was like a prophecy in flesh,
Some darker omen given human form
To curl about your spirit, to enmesh
Your very essence in the growing storm
Of doom and portents dwelling in her eyes
As sweet distractions beckoned from her thighs.

For like Cassandra, tearfully ignored,
Your eyes are blinded to the warning signs,
Your ears are deafened to the siren’s roar,
Your fingers could not feel the dark designs
She had for you, and wandering there on
Her wicked curves, your lust becomes her pawn.

Such sweet oblivion upon her lips,
So perfect flavored with the burning heat
Of stars so hot, no form could dare eclipse
Their raging fires, nor any shield could beat
The great intensity of blows that rained
From her soft tongue, and leave you weakened, drained.

And like a prophecy ignored, she sowed
Such chaos in her wake; and yet the truth
Is that it was nothing more than what was owed
For basking in her wild and lustful youth.
Aye, no lover left destroyed could claim
That warnings weren’t ignored in passion’s name.

And like a sirened sailor, you are lost
To songs of lustful lover’s dreams
To find, too late, you cannot bear the cost,
You drown in moans but never once in screams
To seas of deepest blue, her sorrow filled eyes,
That wicked, never once gave life to lies.


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