What a slacker!

I can’t believe I almost went two days in a row without writing. I have no excuse for Friday – I was just *tired*. I was up till 2:30AM Thursday night/Friday morning working on a boat made of recyclable materials for my youngest son’s school, that was forgotten until just before midnight. I had a long day at work, busier than usual, and my best buddy stopped by for lunch which kept me from writing then. That night, dinner out with friends…but I still got home with plenty of time to write. I just didn’t do it. That’s all on me. Today, I was just crazy busy. Removing an old exterior door, installing a new one. Working on the garage. Fixing a door for the neighbors. Helping the new ones move some stuff in to their house. Running morning errands with my wife. Here it is, 11:45 at night and I have just now gotten my first chance to sit down and do anything.

But I did this! I chose to write! I could be upstairs right now, snuggled next to the Mrs, plugged into my CPAP machine and dreaming sweet Darth Vadery dreams right now. But I’m not…I’m writing. Because I should have done this yesterday. No matter how tired I was, how tired I am, how tired I will be, I know myself well enough to know that if I let myself skip now, I will find excuses to skip later. And that is a dark path to wander down, even for someone who sound like Darth Vader every night.

I have to do this. As I type and I see that little clock in the bottom right of my screen creep closer and closer to midnight, I begin to sweat a bit and wonder if I can get enough words on the screen, enough to push me to the hard limit I set myself. 350 words a day. I have to write that. It’s more than just forming a habit – it’s a promise to myself. It’s a vow that I will continue to pursue this insane obsession with words despite all odds. I’m not doing it for you, I’m not doing it for anyone, but me. And breaking promises to oneself are the worst kind.

But hey, what d’ya know? It’s 11:56 and I just hit nearly 400 words. I did it. See? I told me I could! I should never have doubted. And after I am done with this little update, I am going to jump on my next Flash Fiction challenge from the wickedly evil mind of Chuck Wendig.

Catch ya on the flip side.


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