A contest entry…

The specifics of the contest were as follows: Just tell me, if you were gifted with the ability to see the creatures of the supernatural world – all things fae, angelic, demonic or otherwise – what would you want to see first?


My response?


Ah yes, to see what other eyes cannot,

The world that frolics well beyond the veil,

Where faery lords and beasts that man’s forgot

Make mischief, there, beyond the mortal pale.

To have my eyes awakened to their sight

By mystic means, however they are wrought,

T’would be like sunlight dazzling in the night,

Beguilling and bewitching is the thought.

But of them all that dance beyond the shroud,

There be not one that I would rather see

Than she who stands alone, so bright and proud,

The Queen of all the fae, the Lady Sidhe.

Oh, sweet Titania, merciless and fair,

What I would give to see you standing there!


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