It was a good day…

Today was a very good day. I awoke this morning later than usual, which, after a bit of a restless night was quite enjoyable. My lovely wife lay next to me, and my hands found her form, her curves, bare beneath a thin blanket, and my hands were very well pleased. Some grown-up time, then, much missed and  much needed. It didn’t last long, but it was long enough. Soon the munchkins were pounding at the door, and the day beckoned.

Brunch at IHOP was nice. The kids were well behaved and the waiter attentive. Then off to Toys-R-Us, to search out prizes for the week’s good behavior. Home, then, and sleep. A glorious nap on a comfy couch, only slightly interrupted by dogs and neighbor kids. Despite them, my mood was grand. The day was beautiful, and when I’d slept my full, I awoke and enjoyed the outdoors for a bit. Then more running, some time with my eldest boy.

I threw together dinner, nothing fancy. Chicken casserole of my own devising, and some cookie brownies for dessert. Then at last, time online. Time to read and time to write. Time to reflect and enjoy the memories of today.

Yes…it was a good day. :)




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